What is the best scary game to play at sleepover?

How long can you binge watch movies when friends gather over a weekend for a sleepover. Whoever came up with the idea of scary fun games with ingenious? There is no complete fulfillment like playing creepy sleepover games over a slumber party.

What are some scary sleepover games that will give you spine numbing chills and thrills?

Ghost in the Garden

This is the best-known scary game to play with a group of friends at a slumber party. This game is suitable for outdoor and played when it is dark to add more terror.

Five minutes in terror

The basic premise of the game is to see how long one can sit in the dark before they get creep out. This game quite fits when the scary stories involve haunted attic or basement. The game is quite freaky and scary if you make one or two people wait in the location ahead of time.

The sandman game

This creepy sleepover game is not recommended for children and preteens. This game is scary and spookier when all the lights are turned off but only the candle. Concentration is important for all the players.

Midnight man

The idea of this scary fun game is to avoid meeting the midnight man. This game is played at exactly 12 midnight and proceeds through 3:33 a.m. Things which invoke creepiness are you hear the soft whisper, the candle goes out, and see a humanoid figure in the darkness. If you are looking for some serious creepy things to do at a sleepover then you might be up for it.

The other classic scary games

There are some seriously creepy fun games to mention and these classic games stand out as the scariest sleepover games of all time.

    • Blood Mary- Very old and scary game. Be careful to play as this involves spirits, though unproven yet be considerate to others who believe in ghosts
    • Ouija board-Considered being scary because we have all seen in the movies. It’s a scary game if you strongly fear spirits and ghosts. So do not ask for trouble.
  • The candy man- Similar to blood Mary but with a twist.
  • Three kings-Another classic scary games involving summoning the demons.
  • Do not look behind- Another similar demon summoning for question genre.
  • Charlie-Charlie- Also known as Pencil game is a way to connect to a specific ghost named Charlie.


Though creepy sleepover games bring lots of fun and memories to cherish, it is also good to consider that you are safe while playing. These games should be played with extreme caution as someone can get scared or be it the risk of some kind of danger due to the scare involved in the game.